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Polyfoam Board Murah
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Polyfoam Board Cheap

Distributor of Polyfoam Board Jakarta

Cheap Polyfoam Board is a high-quality polystyrene sheet which is processed in foam board which is usually used for the back side of the art, with a white, smooth and shiny clean surface, commonly known as PS FOAM BOARD.

Distributor of Polyfoam Board Jakarta.

Kegunaanya Polyfoam Board Murah is as follows:

POLYFOAM or PS FOAM Can be applied, among others, as follows:
1. Media for attaching posters and stickers
2. 3D embossed letters
3. Model building
4. Miniature
5. Limiter / partition
6. Pads in packaging / packaging boxes
7. etc.

Distributor of Polyfoam Board Jakarta

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