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Cheap Ladder List Rubber

Jakarta List of Rubber Ladder Distributors

Cheap Rubber Ladder List is commonly used as an anti-slippery or anti-slip at the end of the floor ladder as a ladder elbow cover to avoid slippage (Anti Slip) on each up or down the stairs. It is very worrying in every house that has stairs to go upstairs, especially for families who have young children who like to go up and down stairs and also for elderly parents. Rubber ladder (Step Nosing) is a safe solution for stairs on every stairway anywhere.

Jakarta List of Rubber Ladder Distributors
Protect yourself and your relatives from the danger of slipping on the stairs Lis rubber stairs are suitable for interior and exterior steps. We provide Step & Stair Nosing / List Stairs / Anti Slip / Anti Slippery to be installed on stairs.

Cheap Ladder List Rubber

To install it, of course you need to be careful because the step nosing function is as a safety for stairs. Consider the following steps:

Cheap List Ladder Rubber Step nosing ladder made of rubber mounted last at the elbow end of the stairs after all the stairs are covered with ceramic using ceramic adhesive. Meanwhile, rubber, vinyl, or aluminum step nosing is affixed after all the ladder cover material is installed..

Cheap Ladder List Rubber

The method is simple, just screw or attach a special glue on the surface of the floor cover firmly. Because, if the rubber peels off or the screw comes out of the surface, it will endanger the ladder user..

Jakarta List of Rubber Ladder Distributors

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