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Rubber mats nat mat or rubber floor motif vermicelli (anti slip) of this type protect the floor and your room rug from dirt dust and small debris. Usually placed at the entrance to help remove and store dust on the footprints or that may be carried by the wind into the room. Economical and cost-effective. Can be used for various locations such as Hotel, School, Office, Mall, Bodybuilding Facilities (Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Sports Park, etc.), Hospital, and Industry.


Designed as the first line of defense at the entrance, it has a dirt removal system and the ability to capture excellent dust / dirt. Capable of capturing, storing and hiding dirt and sand to minimize slippage and crash fall. Very durable, with its colorful color can help to beautify your building, and requires only minimal maintenance. Available in various colors and sizes to help you complete your decoration, and make a satisfying first impression. This product can also be personalized with your logo. Easy to clean just turn back, shake, vacuum or remove dirt.


Total Thickness: 12 mm

Backing Thickness: 2 mm

Scrubber Diameter: 0.4 mm

Standard Width: 1.20 M

Standard Roll Length: 18 M

Rubber Floor..

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