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Rubber Fender V
Rubber Fender V
Rubber Fender V
Rubber Fender V
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IDR 1000.00

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Has an efficient excess in energy absorption. (Efficiency Energy Absorption). The use of anchors in the RUBBER FENDER type V isntalasi system will increase its durability to be longer. RUBBER FENDER type V is often referred to as RUBBER FENDER MULTI PURPOSE or SERBA GUNA because it is most widely used by ports / docks.Rubber Fender V is designed to absorb the energy thrown from the ship (often called energy absoption) so that only a little energy received by the dock . The reflected force of this absorbed energy is removed from Rubber Fender V and is called a reaction force. Therefore, the amount of energy absorbed and the given reaction force become the main criterion considered in designing Rubber Fender V. There are various types of Rubber Fender commonly used as dock bearings, for example: Rubber Fender Type V, A, W, D, M , Super cell, super cylinder, trapezoid, tugboat Rubber Fender, etc. Therefore, to choose the right type of Rubber Fender, there are several factors that must be considered, including the type and weight (dimensions) of the ship is docked, the type of port, the state of the marine environment, and whether there is guidance when the ship is docked.

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