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rubber fender type box
rubber fender type box
rubber fender type box
rubber fender type box
rubber fender type box
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Rubber fender dock or rubber fender type box is a rubber fender that can be used for various applications or needs. Its use is somewhat similar to rubber fender / rubber fender type D, but because it has a box shape, this box type fender rubber has the advantage of being able to withstand heavier loads. Or it can also be said that this type of rubber fender has the ability to absorb greater energy caused by collisions or collisions that occur with large vessels. This fender rubber box type has a structure that is more durable, and strong enough to handle harder environmental loads and able to withstand work that has more intensity.

The simplicity of this rubber fender dock type box will make the installation or installation of the rubber fender much more economical. Usually this type of dock fender rubber is also installed in addition along with other types of rubber fender docks to further enhance the safety and strength factor for large docks as well as for small docks. Rubber fender type boxes are also often used as additional safety such as a belt on the bow or stern on a tow boat / tug boat.

The inner cavity of the fender rubber box type can be in the form of D or O-shaped. For rubber fenders, box types without cavities or whole solids can also be made or produced according to customer demand.

Some other uses or applications of rubber fender type boxes are as follows:

As a protector of the mooring buoy
As a protector on the corners of the wall
As a support used by tug boats to drive barges or other boats
As a safety measure at the shipyard or repair area

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