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Rubber Fender Type M
Rubber Fender Type M
Rubber Fender Type M
Rubber Fender Type M
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IDR 10.00

Specification of

RUBBER FENDER "'M is usually installed / installed on the dock or can also be installed on board. "RUBBER FENDER" 'M has an excellent function to counteract / neutralize ship clashes on the dock at the time of anchoring / tethering. This type of "RUBBER FENDER" 'M has a unique design to produce high energy absorption and low in reaction against pressure / force (low reaction force) when the ship is docked. By design "RUBBER FENDER"' M Which is sturdy and wide provides ease of installation and maintenance. "RUBBER FENDER" 'M Production BCS Rubber industry is designed with a specific angle M that can increase the enegy and low absorption reaction so as to increase the life of "RUBBER FENDER"' M. RUBBER FENDER TYPE M has a large surface contact and flexible so that Provides a low reaction force due to the boost of the boat / tug boat at the time of operation / berthing. The groove on RUBBER FENDER TYPE M provides additional handles and the three legs attached to the tug boat will add strength from the RUBBER FENDER TYPE M. RUBBER FENDER TYPE M can be mounted around the arch (boat / tug boat), due to its low weight.

1. Designed for heavy duty
2. Reinforced by three feet attached to the tug boat.
3. Its surface is flexible and grooved as an additional handler
4. Suitable installed around the turn / front end of the tug boat.

1. For all types of tug boats
2. Protect the Pontoon
3. Is a Fender for the angle of the ship / tug boat

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