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Cell Rubber Fender
Cell Rubber Fender
Cell Rubber Fender
Cell Rubber Fender
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RUBBER FENDER CELL is the best fender for use on small or large vessels where the reaction force is an important criterion. Of all types of fenders, "RUBBER FENDER CELL" gives a minimal reaction per ton of energy absorbed. The very geometric form of "RUBBER FENDER CELL" gives a sturdy, shear-resistant and compact structure, as well as the capacity to absorb energy from all directions in a balanced manner. "RUBBER FENDER CELL" which has a cylindrical / tube column shape effectively absorbs axial loads and radially buckles loads. This results in dispersion or dispersion of energy in various directions. "RUBBER FENDER CELL" is the most durable fender rubber and is the biggest form of fender produced today. "RUBBER FENDER CELL" with a height of 2000-2500 is a fender that is used specifically for LNG berths. To distribute the reaction force, a special "RUBBER FENDER CELL" is supplied with a fairly large fender board, which will keep the pressure on the hull of the boat low.

"RUBBER FENDER CELL" and other larger fender units are usually used individually in a series of series. Each fender is designed to absorb energy generated from a ship that is being anchored. The steel frame on the front is installed to spread the load pressure so that the pressure that contacts the fender is still within acceptable limits. In some fender application systems, several fenders are assembled together into one unit to produce a larger energy absorption capacity or for a larger operational distance of the ship.

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