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01 Jun 2020

Specification of

Cheap Foam Board

Jakarta Foam Board Distributor

Cheap Foam Board (POLYFOAM LAPIS PAPER) is Polyester Ekstrude eps coated with paper lamination, actually the same as KD BOARD only the difference is the coating. It has a stronger function than ordinary polyfoam.

Jakarta Foam Board Distributor

Cheap Foam Board is a solid sheet-shaped material with the main physical characteristics of both hard and smooth surface and smooth white milk. Available in sizes ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm, dimensions of length and width about the size of a plywood. Lightweight has good flexural strength, water resistance, no weathering, and is very easy to work, making PVC Foam Board as the main alternative product for sheet wood replacement. PVCFoam Board is very suitable for the advertising industry.

Jakarta Foam Board Distributor.

Produced by extrusion machines with foam process, without the slightest content of toxic substances such as asbestos, formalin, lead and cadmium. Therefore PVC Foam Board will not cause health problems for living creatures or the environment either in the production process, during the application period, or in the recycling process.

Cheap Foam Board

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