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Specification of

Product Description

-A consisting of ethylene terpolymer propylene and diene

A polymer consisting of ethylene, propylene and diene.

-Available with cloth or fabric (1Ply-2Ply) reinforced sheets

Available with the addition of sheets of fabric (1Ply-2Ply) amplifier



The main properties of EPDM are its outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance. The resistance to polar substances and steam are also good. It has excellent electrical insulating properties.  Resistance to a number of concentrated mineral acids and bases is significantly.

Prominent properties of EPDM is immune to heat, ozone and weathering. Resistance to chemical polarity and hot steam is also good.  Have the properties as a very good electrical insulator. Resistant to mineral acids and bases concentrated.


Physical Property

Temperature range + 150 ° C

Temperature range + 150 ° C


Recommended Applications

-Dominant part in roof membrane linings and extruded channels for windows. The excellent electrical resistance is use in medium and high voltage cable covers. Very good resistance to water absorbtion such as pond liners.

Widely used for roof coating and extrusi lis window. As a medium-voltage cable cover and height. Resistant to water absorption, such as limiting the pool.

-Good in automotives applications such as ra

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