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Selling Low Price Rubber Fender

Rubber fenders / rubber fenders are rubber bumpers whose function is to absorb impact energy during contact between the ship and the dock or with other vessels. Rubber fenders are rubber that is very elastic and easily pressed. Rubber fenders are an important element found in a dock or port that has an important function in every docking or loading and unloading process that occurs to prevent damage to ships, boats and berth structures.
We, Indojaya Mitra Sejahtera are distributors / suppliers who sell rubber fenders at low prices with the most complete choice of various types. We provide various types of rubber fenders based on types ranging from Cylinder Rubber Fender type, Box type, type A, type D, type V, type W, etc. Buy fender rubber at low prices now through us as a center for selling rubber fenders in Jakarta for shipping throughout Indonesia.

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